In the book Heart of a Champion by Carl Deuker, Jimmy's drinking problem ruins his dreams of being a major league baseball player. Use these sites to find out more information about teenage drinking.
  1. What percentage of adult alcoholics begin drinking before age 18? What is the average age when a boy first tries alcohol? a girl? Go to the "Kid's Only" box, click on it and then click on the life preserver. What are some things kids can do if they know someone who has a drinking problem?
  2. What stages of alcohol use did Jimmy go through?
  3. What is the most efffective way to combat addictive behaviors?
  4. Did Jimmy's behavior give warning signs of alcoholism? What were they?
  5. ?????????Go through the role playing scenarios in "It's Your Move." Go to "Stuff to Know" and give some facts you learned.
  6. How can alcohol hurt you even if you're not drinking? What are the warning signs of someone having a problem with alcohol? How can you say no to alcohol?
  7. WebQuest to go with Heart of a Champion

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